To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day 2018 (March 21) My Feral Heart has partnered with to launch the film theatrically in the USA, and ourscreen in the UK to make the film available on the big screen once again. In the USA, screening dates are available via Tugg from March 19 – July 2018 (expiration date TBC). In the UK, the screenings can be booked indefinitly via ourscreen from March 19 2018.

Tugg and ourscreen are ‘People Powered Cinema’ web-platforms that enable individuals, groups and organisations to set up personalised screenings in cinemas local to them.


Tugg & ourscreen are cinema-on-demand services designed to help film fans watch the films they want to see at their local cinemas. This can be done either by creating and promoting your own screenings, or by booking tickets to existing screenings that other people have already created and promoted.


Creating a screening of My Feral Heart is simple: you pick the venue, date and time, and tugg / ourscreen will give you a personalised event page for your screening to promote within your community because only if enough tickets are sold will your screening go ahead. So, once you get your event page spread the word to your friends, family, work colleagues, social club members (and so on) using a mix of social media, email, and local press. Tell them why they should see My Feral Heart but also – and this is important – make sure you let people know that the event will only take place if enough tickets (the “threshold”) are reserved before the deadline. No money is taken until your screening is confirmed. If enough tickets aren’t reserved for your screening, it doesn’t happen but no one is charged.


Both sites have some great tips. Here are some links that will help guide you through setting up and promoting your screenings:



If you have any bespoke needs – such as fundraising via events, special requirements, etc you can contact tugg or ourscreen directly if you cannot find answers on their websites: |

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